One Screen Access
to Complete
Customer Management

• Bills water, sewer, trash, gas,
   and electric  
• Free offsite backup
• Easily “undo” payment and
   adjustment errors   
• One account number for both
   customer and location        
• Many user-defined fields for
   storing additional information 
• Automatic notification of
   returning bad debt customers
• History data in table format to
   easily view and export
• Seamless integration of credit/
   debit card processing
• Returned check processing
   and notification
• ACH bank drafts built in
• On-demand bill printing
• Service order history for
   complete audit trail
• And so much more!



What Do You Look For in
Your Utility Billing Software?
Simplicity? Flexibility?
Ease of data accessibility?

SOFTWater offers a solution for all your utility billing software needs. Designed, written and supported with small to mid-sized utilities in mind, SOFTWater defines a new simplicity for managing unique utility office problems. SOFTWater will make your job easier by eliminating many manual operations and errors, processing in real time, and providing information in visually appealing displays. Find out about SOFTWater’s easy, time-saving payment options, flexible automation, intelligent document management, and unequaled integration features.

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