Frequently Asked Questions


Is SOFTWater’s maintenance optional?
Yes, but we think you’ll find the peace of mind our tech support provides well worth
the nominal fee.

What services are included in the maintenance?
SOFTWater’s maintenance includes toll free “800” support, free updates, and free UPS ground shipping
on forms purchases.

Is training necessary?
Training is very helpful but not necessary unless you have little or no experience with water billing or have
a tight schedule for learning the new SOFTWater system.

Is online Help available?
Yes, the Help is available from any SOFTWater screen. It includes a Table of Contents, Index, Search, and
Glossary. You may print any and all of the Help topics.

Can I bill multiple cycles in one month?
Yes, you can bill up to 28 cycles per month.

Can I bill multiple companies with SOFTWater?
Yes, SOFTWater can handle up to 99 companies.(However, there is a one-time extra charge per company.)

What types of printers work with SOFTWater?
Business quality laser printers work best since they are faster and are designed for higher volume workloads.
If you are going to print postcard style bills, your printer must be able to use custom size (6 x 12.9”) forms.

Can you convert my current software’s data?
We can convert many different types of software data, but it will depend on the information you or the
software company can give us.

What are your minimum hardware requirements?
CD ROM drive, 1.2 Ghz processor minimum, 20 Gb hard drive minimum, 256 Mb RAM minimum.

What operating systems work with SOFTWater?
For single-user systems and network workstations: Windows XP Professional or Windows 7 Professional.
For network servers: Windows Server 2000, 2003, or 2008 with TCP/IP protocol installed.

How can I contact Intedata?

Contact Us at 1-800-442-0309 or e-mail

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